UV sensitivity; High UV lately

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UV sensitivity; High UV lately

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I knew I was light-sensitive, but I didn't realize I had a problem with UV (ultraviolet light) particularly until I started using an Echo Show and asking what the UV index was before going outside. Anyway, I was getting eye pain and headaches (starting through my eyes), which made me feel sick and extra light sensitive (for over a day), every once in a while, especially when the weather changed from hot to cold to hot to cold (it's been fluctuating a lot). It didn't take much exposure to do it, either.

Anyway, I've discovered that if I avoid going outside when the UV is high, I don't get those headaches, nor the eye pain, nor the sickness. I had been going out during the worst time of day, before, too (early to mid afternoon).

I figured maybe it was heat exhaustion, or dehydration, but it doesn't have to do with the heat or my hydration (it can be hot with low UV when I haven't had much water and not bother me; high UV does seem to increase my need for water, though). I guess the UV must be higher when the temperature fluctuates here in the spring, or something.

Anyway, the UV index has been up to about 10 for the last few days, at least.

What got me thinking about UV was I noticed a higher amount of freckles on my arms than normal, and my skin looked wrinklier (it doesn't still look wrinklier).

I like to wait until the UV index is about 3 before I go out now.
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