Voice actresses from The ZhuZhus and Abby hatcher

Posted by Radishrain Radishrain
So, I purchased and have been watching The ZhuZhus. I'm surprised I never heard of it and that it was so inexpensive (on Prime Video)--$5.29 per each of the two volumes, in HD, in June of 2021 (granted, that's the reason I took enough interest in it to preview it on YouTube, and buy it on Amazon's Prime Video). It's a great show (although there's an early episode I would recommend not showing to kids, due to Frankie's behavior--but I haven't seen repeats of that sort of thing, so far; yeah, I'm not done, yet, but not for lack of interest in the show).

Anyway, I thought Frankie was voiced by the same person who does Abby Hatcher, but I guess not!

Frankie: Jenna Warren (according to <https://ballet-flats.fandom.com/wiki/Frankie_Pamplemousse>)
Abby: Macy Drouin (according to <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abby_Hatcher>)

They could totally do each other's shows, if they tried.
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