What is on-topic/off-topic?

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What is on-topic/off-topic?

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The description and name of the forum that you are in should describe what is on topic where the rules haven’t already. For example, in the Ground Cherry forum, pretty much anything relating to ground cherries is on topic (growing them, tasting them, buying them, eating them, cooking them, ground cherry art, ground cherry music, ground cherry books, ground cherry breeding, etc.). And, in the Asian Swamp Eel forum, you might post articles about Asian swamp eels, talk about your Asian swamp eel farming, share Asian swamp eel recipes, or share Asian swamp eel art (just a few examples).

Not every forum on this site is intended to be about something edible. It is also not always stated whether or not the thing is edible. Do your own research, even where it is stated (don’t take this site’s word for it).

Posts promoting hunting, fishing, and/or foraging in a fashion that could easily contribute to the decline of the hunted/fished/foraged species are off-topic.

Posts directly promoting the genocide of a species are off-topic.

Posts promoting the intentional extirpation of species are off-topic (whether or not they are invasive species).
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