What to do with hamburgers when you're out of ketchup

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What to do with hamburgers when you're out of ketchup

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When you're out of ketchup for your hamburgers you can do any of the following things:

• Appreciate them without ketchup (not my personal favorite, but they are appreciable).
• Make your own make-shift ketchup from canned tomatoes, salt, vinegar, and something like onion greens.
• Instead of ketchup, slice tomatoes, salt them, dip them in vinegar, and put lots of them on your hamburgers. I tried this, today and it was great. Ketchup is basically tomatoes, salt, vinegar, sugar, and spices; so, this will get you some of the same flavor.

Here's a ketchup-free, mayonnaise-free, pickle-free, onion-free hamburger recipe that I enjoyed, today:
• Cook some hamburgers.
• Mustard some bread.
• Slice some cheddar cheese (thin-ish slices)
• Harvest one large Shark Fin Melon squash leaf for each hamburger.
• Bake the two squash leaves in the toaster oven on the racks at 450° F. until they're crispy.
• Slice some tomatoes
• Salt and vinegar the tomatoes
• Put your hamburger together (fold the squash greens to fit; expect them to crumble partially as you do), and eat.

The squash greens were pretty good on this, actually. FYI, I like ketchup, pickles, onions, and mayonnaise on hambugers.

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