Why do we need to be respectful of things besides people here?

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Why do we need to be respectful of things besides people here?

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Q: Why do we need to be respectful of media (e.g. books, music, movies, TV, and games) and fictional characters here?

A: Because it's disheartening to go to a forum where people are supposed to be fans of a show only to see most of the professed fans trashing it. Fans may be reading your posts, and I want this to be a positive place (not a negative one). No insults. No labels. No trolls. Hopefully you get the picture. If you review something and have critical thoughts to express, be as respectful as possible.

Do not complain about a character's voice, color, taste in fashion, singing ability, or physical appearance. Don't trash one show to exalt another. Don't call anyone annoying. There is said to be a time and a place for everything, but this forum is not the place for those things.

Again, there's a spirit to these rules (meaning, there may be exceptions if those things don't make for a negative environment that would scare the positive people away). The intention isn't for you to walk on eggshells.

If you have moral objections to something a character did, talking about it is okay, as long as you're respectful. Please try to not provoke fans who like that character. Reviewing media for its suitability for certain audiences (as is done in the Parents Guide on IMDB, Common Sense Media, or Christian review sites) is just fine (including the fashion choices).

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