Why do you use Nabble?

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Why do you use Nabble?

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Why does GrowSpice™ use Nabble?


1. It's free (both the software and the host).
2. It's fast.
3. It has features I like (such as the ability to see all posts in every lower forum from any higher forum).
4. It's programmable.
5. Domain name integration works quickly and easily.
6. It can technically be used for things besides forums (and the rules allow for that).
7. It doesn't have a lot of overhead from extraneous features.
8. It uses HTML instead of BBcode (BBcode is pretty much the same thing as HTML with a slightly different format; HTML is older and more advanced; so, I don't see the need for BBcode).
9. It allows for most of the features that I like in a forum.
10. It lets me create a lot more subforums than ProBoards and probably other places.
11. It's not cluttered.
12. It currently has no ads (and if it did, it has the option to turn them off anyway).
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