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Dairy forums
in Disambiguation by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread List of forums for mammals that are at least somewhat popular for dairy purposes: * Cow * Water Buffalo * Goat * Sheep * Camel * Horse * Donkey dairy_ milk_ cheese_ butter_
Favorite string cheese
in Cow by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
.... I don't require it to be soft to be a favorite, but it doesn't make it worse in this case, and it would probably melt more easily. Maybe I'll stuff peppers with string cheese and roast them, this year! That would be awesome. To open them, you need to find the split opening at the top (which I apparently failed to do on my first one) and pull the sides apart. pepper_ cheese_ string_cheese
Vegetable omelet recipe
in Wonderberry by Radishrain — 1 replies in thread
... for a bit. * I ate it. It tasted excellent. I highly recommend it, especially with my Brandy Boy cross F2 tomatoes. frittata_ recipe_ tomato_ cheese_ chives_ pepper_ egg_ chicken_
Savory baked gourd with tomatoes
in Calabash by Radishrain — 2 replies in thread
Ingredients: * 1 long Kikinda Competition Strain edible gourd (at least a couple inches in diameter), sliced * The equivalent of about five medium-sized tomatoes, cut up * Lots of summer savory, both leaves and stalks (if you don't think it's too much, it's probably not enough) * Parsley...
What to do with hamburgers when you're out of ketchup
in Cow by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... they're crispy. • Slice some tomatoes • Salt and vinegar the tomatoes • Put your hamburger together (fold the squash greens to fit; expect them to crumble partially as you do), and eat. The squash greens were pretty good on this, actually. FYI, I like ketchup, pickles, onions, and mayonnaise on hambugers. recipe_ hamburger_ ketchup_ chilacayote_ tomato_ cheese_ salt_ vinegar_ greens_
Great Value Macaroni & Cheese Original review
in Wheat by Radishrain — 1 replies in thread
... cheese flavor more; the cream cheese flavor definitely, but probably the cheese powder, too); since I don't add milk, I leave a little water in instead of draining it all out. It's excellent that way. Butter and evaporated milk also work instead of regular milk and butter (it just tastes a little richer), if you don't want to keep more perishable milk around. cheese_ pasta_ macaroni_ milk_ cream_cheese review_
Winco Macaroni and Cheese dinner review
in Wheat by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
.... I did not see any weevils, though. The pasta is supposed to be best by some time in the future a long time from now. I did not notice any hard things from the box I cooked for 8 minutes (they seemed to have softened, if present, which weevils wouldn't). I noticed lots from the one I cooked for 7. I noticed about three from the one I cooked for 9. pasta_ macaroni_ review_ cheese_
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