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Quail egg farming
in Coturnix by Radishrain — 1 replies in thread
... quail (that's a genus, rather than a breed, btw; a genus contains species; a species has breeds). Something I really like about the article is what it says about the vitamin A content of quail eggs, and how those who have trouble with chicken eggs might not with quail eggs. urban_farming nutrition_ vitamin_a egg_ poultry_
Vegetable omelet recipe
in Wonderberry by Radishrain — 1 replies in thread
... for a bit. * I ate it. It tasted excellent. I highly recommend it, especially with my Brandy Boy cross F2 tomatoes. frittata_ recipe_ tomato_ cheese_ chives_ pepper_ egg_ chicken_
Pseudo-teriyaki eggs
in Chicken by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... something like sausage when done. They seem to have a lot of flavor phases on the first bite (including something like meat flavor), but upon further eating, they mostly just have the teriyaki flavor phase. The recipe makes enough for about four medium small tortillas' worth of eggs. recipe_ egg_ teriyaki_
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