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Weeks NC Giant watermelon crosses, 2019
in Watermelon by Radishrain — 5 replies in thread
This second fruit in the previous post is between 18 and 19 pounds (weighed on 6 Mar 2019). forum_record (For heaviest watermelon; yeah, I know it's a very beatable record; please beat it!) (Also, for heaviest long watermelon.)
Fused wonderberries!
in Wonderberry by Radishrain — 1 replies in thread
... might produce larger fused wonderberries next time. Here are some pictures, one of each side of the fruit: forum_record (For most wonderberry fruits naturally fused together, with that number being 3.)
Special tags (site-wide)
in Rules and Information by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
forum_record : This tag is placed on posts where instead of a world record being reported, it's a forum record, from one of our members. Of course, records can be beaten, and we're mostly going on the honor system here: be honest. A forum record is made when you report the breaking of an old...
Wonderberry Harvest
in Wonderberry by Radishrain — 2 replies in thread
..., dried, or not. They all seem to be good. forum_record (For the most wonderberries harvested in a day, by weight; I decided to add this tag instead of making a forum for forum records.)
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