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Late blight isn't even a fungus?
in Chromista by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
I just learned that late blight (Phytophthora infestans) of tomatoes isn't even a fungus. It's a chromist! Early blight (Alternaria solani) is a fungus, though. That's interesting that early blight is a form of Alternaria! tomato_ fungi_ early_blight late_blight alternaria_
Mushroom forums
in Disambiguation by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread List of edible mushroom forums: • Shiitake Mushroom • White Mushroom Note: Forums for inedible mushrooms may also exist, but they are not listed here. Please research anything listed here (as also anything elsewhere) before using for any purpose (an example as to why you might want to do so is that there's a risk of getting shiitake dermatitis if you eat raw shiitake mushrooms). mushroom_ fungi_
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