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Fertilizer foliar spray application rates
in Plant by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
...): 1-3tbsp per gallon • Calcium nitrate (15.5N-0P-0K-19Ca): 2-4tbsp per gallon (not tested); 1tbsp per 51oz (tested; works great, and can be done once a week or two; 2tbsp is enough to slightly burn an outdoor grapevine, though) • Copper sulfate [hydrous] (25.47Cu-38.47S): 2%, or 5.12 tbsp per...
Milk/whey, iodine soap spray
in Domestic Tomato by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
..., there are still reasons a person might want to do it. 1. Increased iodine content in your food (not everyone wants to use iodized salt for their only source of iodine). 2. Increased fungus-reistance. 3. Increased shelf-life. 4. The pre-transplant boost it talks about in the article. That is, assuming all those things are true. iodine_ milk_ whey_ foliar_spray
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