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Who are the administrators and moderators?
in Rules and Information by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... the Suggestions and Feedback forum . If an administrator approves your request, you will eventually be notified (by an administrator). Requests will not be explicitly rejected, but they remain open for consideration as long as they exist (so, in theory, it could be accepted two years later, or more). Please feel free to continue to edit your petition, if it needs it. If you wish to withdraw your petition, please delete it. qa_
Do you have to refrigerate peppers?
in Pepper by Radishrain — 1 replies in thread
... store. Here are some reasons: 1. Refrigerated peppers are prone to developing anthracnose lesions, while unrefrigerated peppers, in my experience, are not prone to it. Anthracnose is where the peppers get flat, round, soft portions on them, which eventually start to rot. 2. If you don't refrigerate...
What is Yellow Pear?
in Domestic Tomato by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... some other yellow, pear-shaped tomatoes: * Yellow Trifele * Beam's Yellow Pear * Medovaya Kaplya There are plenty of others. They are not the same as each other. qa_ yellow_pear
What is a beefsteak?
in Domestic Tomato by Radishrain — 1 replies in thread
There are a few different definitions: 1. A shape of tomato, which is typical of large tomatoes. Not quite round. It need not belong to a large tomato (i.e. Menehune is a small beefsteak-shaped tomato). 2. There is an actual breed of tomato called Beefsteak, which is said to be synonymous with...
What is a slicer?
in Domestic Tomato by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
Q: What is a slicer? A: A slicer is a tomato that works well for fresh-eating (whether or not you slice it is beside the point). Some people use the term literally, however (but be aware that some common usage has nothing to do with slicing). qa_
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