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Listen with your heart
in Video by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... seemingly preposterous things that people say that matter to them (don't care too much, though, or you might upset them). autism_ religious_ gratitude_ emotion_ eye_contact
Prayer (answers to) and grace
in Non-taxa by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... you can plainly see what was once hidden from view. But, we should be willing to get down on our knees, and look under that bed. religious_ prayer_ grace_ miracle_
Dehydrating hot peppers in 2020—ouch!
in Pepper by Radishrain — 3 replies in thread
...: Sodium fluoride (0.24%; 0.14% w/v fluoride ion) and triclosan (0.30%) Inactive ingredients: Water, hydrated silica, glycerin, sorbitol, PVM/MA, copolymer, sodium lauryl sulfate, cellulose gum, flavor, sodium hydroxide, carrageenan, propylene glycol, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide religious_ hot_pepper dehydrating_ toothpaste_ chile_relief capsaicin_relief mint_ prayer_
General Conference talks that interest me particularly
in TSA by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
This thread is for talks from General Conferences of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that I find particularly remarkable, edifying, interesting, helpful, or some such. If you can reply, feel free to reply with your own lists. I may edit this post from time to time: • religious_
Favorite Inspirational Messages videos
in Video by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
...-potential-your-privileges?lang=eng Voice of the Spirit Rescued by Christ Looking through Windows religious_
The Grocery Store Race for the Last Gallon of Milk
in COVID-19 by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread The above article isn't about COVID-19, but as people are hoarding supplies because of the virus, and the article has a theme of racing to get the last gallon of milk, I thought it fit in here just fine. religious_
Wonderberry Harvest
in Wonderberry by Radishrain — 2 replies in thread
.... I ate my fill before I started filling the bowl. I'm grateful I have so many wonderberry plants! They're awesome, and discovered/remembered that they actually can get sweeter than I previously told. I easily enjoy eating them as much as any other berry. religious_ video_
in Rules and Information by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... religions is allowed if you obtain permission from an administrator (not just any moderator). Expressing doubt about any religion is against the rules. Some religious threads may be deleted even if they seem to follow the rules. The religious_ tag should be added to religious posts.
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