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Tuna fish sandwich recipes
in Fish by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... liked corn chips dipped in tuna-mayo preparations, but I hadn't thought about putting them in a tuna fish sandwich mix until now. Both the corn chips and the peppers add quite a bit of good flavor. I do recommend this recipe, but it might be a little too tangy for some. I like tangy, though. corn_ sandwich_ pepper_ sweet_pepper tomato_ wheat_ recipe_
Dehydrating hot peppers in 2020—ouch!
in Pepper by Radishrain — 3 replies in thread
... enough sweet peppers to fill all six 15" x 13" trays, well, counting any spicy crosses or such. So, I'm thinking I'll have one jar of really hot pepper powder, and one of really mild, but still a bit spicy, pepper powder. sweet_pepper dehydrating_ powder_
Pepper tags
in Pepper by Radishrain — 0 replies in thread
... in them, even 1 SHU. sweet_pepper : * Use this tag for posts about sweet peppers / not hot peppers / peppers without any capcaisin in them. ornamental_pepper : * Use this tag for posts about peppers grown primarily for the appearance of the plants.
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